Beautiful Inside Or Out: Introducing Our Chroma Collection

S. Harris

30 April 2024

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From the moment we learned their names as children, colors have been our simplest and greatest pleasures of life on earth. Since the beginning we have used color to communicate, to create a sense of place and belonging, and to expand our notion of what’s possible in this world.


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For most of history, the colors we used in art, design, and the decoration of our interior spaces were intimately tied to the natural world outside. We learned to make color from what we found in our environments, using extracts from the realms of plants and minerals to do everything from adorn our clothes to chart the stars.


Just when we think we know the ins-and-outs of what color can do, it surprises us, transporting us to new worlds and levels of awareness.


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We created our Chroma collection to bring forward a group of fabrics, trimmings, and wallcoverings inspired by the intersection of color and the cosmos, where contemporary design is rooted in ancient wisdom. These pieces are inspired by the spirit of looking to the natural world for inspiration and guidance, and by that sense of wonder we all feel when we look up at the sky.


Flowers on Mars from Chroma by S. Harris

Picatrix from Chroma by S. Harris

Delineation from Chroma by S. Harris

Grand Trine from Chroma by S. Harris

Solar Return from Chroma by S. Harris

Imum Coeli from Chroma by S. Harris

Major Aspect from Chroma by S. Harris

Exalted Stripe from Chroma by S. Harris

Midheaven from Chroma by S. Harris


We’re telling the story of Chroma in three chapters—reds/warms, blues/cools, and neutrals, rendered across an array of fabric weights and types that include prints, velvets, sheers, and jacquards—arranged to serve and spark the imaginations of designers.


Solar Canyon is the chapter of Chroma where hues from the intricate dance between stability and passion, practicality and emotion, ground us in the physical while inspiring us to reach for the stars. The colors inside—sun-baked terracottas, warm golds, and botanical oranges rendered in prints, stripes, and even performance velvet suited to both indoor and outdoor projects—serve as a visual language, translating the cosmic energies that shape our journey through life.


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From the blue slice of the spectrum comes Lapis Haze, the chapter of Chroma with calming and expansive qualities that resonate with both the earthly and celestial realms. In the cosmos, colors from cyan to dusted navy mirror the vastness of the sky, inviting us to gaze upward and contemplate the mysteries of the universe. 


The nuanced interplay of neutral tones in the Overlapping Shadows color palette introduces sophistication and grounding—a restful bookend to a saturated, vibrant collection. Black, the color of mystery and the infinite, is often associated with the transformative. Beige, warm and comforting, offers simplicity and elegance. Grey, balanced and neutral, symbolizes a bridge between light and shadow.


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Chroma offers a first: the luxury and design sensibility of S. Harris, now with the durability to resist the elements.


These indoor/outdoor designs and additions to our Elements offerings embody the cosmic combo of strength and beauty, offering a sumptuous, quiet elegance and unparalleled versatility.


Combined with top-of-the-line resistance, these timeless pieces welcome whatever nature brings, rain or shine.


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Chroma Color Bar


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