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S. Harris

30 April 2024

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Chroma Launch Outdoor Performance


We built our Chroma collection to dance on the line between color and neutral, pattern and plain, luxury and performance—even indoor and outdoor.


With Chroma comes our first-ever set of indoor/outdoor performance fabrics. These designs embody strength and beauty, offering a sumptuous, sophisticated elegance and the versatility for which our brand is known.


Now combined with top-of-the-line resistance, these timeless pieces welcome whatever nature brings, rain or shine.


Flowers on Mars from Chroma by S. Harris

Picatrix from Chroma by S. Harris

Fabric Square Transit Stripe Pink Moon

Fabric Square Fall Equinox Equator

Fabric Square Delineation Libra

Fabric Square Pallas Athena Pisces

Fabric Square Grand Trine Harmony

Fabric Square Solar Return Virgo

Midheaven from Chroma by S. Harris

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Fabric Square Ascendant Mutable

Fabric Square Cadent Growth

Fabric Square Ceres Sheer Asteroid

Fabric Square Duality Masculine

Fabric Square Yod Shadow

Fabric Square Sunny Velvet Alabaster


Chroma Color Bar


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S. Harris

From Warsaw to San Francisco to Los Angeles and, now, Tulsa— The S. Harris journey is one of rich tradition and heritage met with creative resilience and progress. The story of this brand begins with one man: Founder, Sol Harris, and continues today through the ingenuity of one woman: Creative Director, Jodi Finer. Follow our journey through Textured and on our website at

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