First / Person: Behind the Scenes of Chroma with Cortney McClure

Aviva Gat

30 April 2024

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Cortney McClure Q&A

For Cortney McClure, design is all about creating well-loved spaces. A designer based in Bartlesville, Okla., a town where 20th-century oil booms still echo, she takes inspiration from the locale's impressive architectural pedigree, which includes Frank Lloyd Wright’s only skyscraper and multiple residences by midcentury architect Bruce Goff.


McClure’s work to concept and style the on-location photoshoot for our Chroma collection brought to life an assemblage of indoor/outdoor luxury fabrics in a way that showcased the elegance, luxury, and versatility of the textiles as well as the stunning modern architecture just a stone’s throw from her office.


Every season of life prepares us for the next. That’s the philosophy McClure uses as her guide, and she brought that sense for renewal and evolution to her work with a collection that’s just as at-home outside as it is in.

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