STILL / LIFE: The Holiday Traditions of Our Favorite Designers

S. Harris

21 November 2023

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Holiday traditions are a source of comfort and inspiration, and they are a wonderful starting point for creating something new—and uniquely you.


The dining-room table is where so many of our holiday traditions begin and end. That's why we reached out to this trio of designers for their expert advice on how to add a designer's touch to a holiday tablescape.





Jeanine Hays and Bryan Mason of AphroChic look to their roots as they celebrate the African American tradition of Kwanzaa. in a modern, minimalist way.


Aphrochic Kwanzaa table angle

Credit: Courtesy Jeanine Hays and Bryan Mason, AphroChic; by Bryan Mason


"Kwanzaa is a celebration of community, culture and Black heritage,” said Hays and Mason. “It's a time of year where the African American community can come together around principles, including unity, self-determination, collective work and responsibility, cooperative economics, purpose, creativity and faith, to strengthen and fortify us. We wanted to find ways to make the holiday that we celebrated as children our own and designed a modern Kwanzaa table that speaks to the day through a modern design lens that fits our aesthetic."




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Monica Santayana and Ronald Alvarez of Moniomi give heirloom pieces the opportunity to shine as part of a curated mix with more contemporary objects.

Moniomi Monica Santayana

Credit: Courtesy Monica Santayana and Ronald Alvarez, Moniomi; by Jeanne Canto


“We love layering traditional, contemporary, and artistic pieces, providing a multifaceted decorative and beautiful setting for a timeless, functional look,” Santayana said. “This approach keeps your tablescape relevant to today but allows you to use those gorgeous heirloom pieces you've stored for years. Inspired by our latest Moniomi collection presented at Design Miami, we've fully embraced a soft-yet-moody palette of rusts, blushes, lilacs, and peaches, creating a beautiful moment for loved ones to gather, eat and enjoy.”




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Eileen Kathryn Boyd of EKB Interiors gives her design schemes a sense of place as well as season, like in her Nantucket tablescape inspired by the sea.


Eileen Kathryn Boyd Nantucket

Credit: Eileen Kathryn Boyd, EKB Interiors


“The idea was a seaside holiday table: Timeless seashells, whites and neutrals, set against the deep, leafy greens plucked from the garden to create a found-during-a walk-on-the-beach, unfussy, organic arrangement,” Boyd said. “The warm wicker chargers layer into the crisp white Nantucket basket dinnerware set, set off by a soft and supple linen napkin in lavender.”


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