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Cara Gibbs

21 October 2021

FloralSupport_brownMEET: ANTHOUSAI

Nature is often a leading force for our team when concepting and executing new collections. The influence of nature ran deep in our recently debuted Elegant Universe Collection. In order to breathe life into these textiles, we turned to some of our favorite natural beauties, Tulsa florists Anthousai. The local fine-art floral studio, headed-up by Jenny Raush and Katie Allen, lent their artistic prowess to this new collection bringing the outside in through inspired flora and fauna. Here, they dish on some of their creative muses...



Coffee or tea… coffee all the way!

Mantra… when it comes to floral design - we have many mantras but honoring each stem and giving each floral a chance to shine is so so important to us.

Never without… a pair of floral shears in our car for roadside foraging!

Less is the new… more. Minimalism is underrated!

Color you couldn’t live without… pale peach.

Fave color combo… maybe our branding colors? Ha. Pale peach, soft pink, burnt orange!

Design muse… so many good florists that are a huge inspiration for us! Tinge Floral, Sarah Winward, Amy Merrick to name a few.

Favorite museum… in Tulsa? Probably Ahha or Philbrook. Crystal Bridges is another favorite.

Last book you read… The Kinfolk Garden

Favorite restaurant… SO many! We love food! Lowood, La Tertullia, Oren to name a few Tulsa favorites.

Favorite hotel… The Mayo or Tulsa Club Hotel are both really fun Downtown Tulsa spots.

Design is… telling a story through art.

Fashion will always… be a reflection of who you are as an individual.

If we were a color it would be… sunset colors for sure.

If we were a texture it would be… soft, whimsical textures like those of sweet peas.

We're firm believers in… caring for the planet and for each other through our personal and professional lives.

We're deeply grateful for… the community around us in Tulsa, everyone loves small business and is so good at supporting each other!

The world needs more… kindness and compassion.


DEEP DIVE IMG_2532_web

Talk to me about your creative process when tackling a project like Elegant Universe?

This was such a fun project for us! Being able to create and tell a story through florals on a large scale is so inspiring to us. We worked with the S. Harris team closely and drew a lot of inspiration from the collection—Elegant Universe. From there, we sourced florals from local farms, wholesalers and gardens that helped compliment and accentuate the thoughtful collection shoot. 

When it came to inspiration for this project, where did you start? 

The S. Harris Team did such a wonderful job communicating the vision for the project—wanting to translate the wild beauty of nature indoors for this shoot. We wanted to use flowers, greenery and textures that really complimented the colors and overall feel of the new textiles line and found a lot of inspiration in more tropical florals, and even greenery and flowers growing locally.  

What appeals to you most about the collection?

The richness of the fabrics and the beautiful detailing! There were so many colors and textures that helped inspire us when creating the florals for the shoot.

Tell us a bit more about how you envisioned this installation coming to life?

We dreamt up what it would feel like to have a wild, overgrown garden of tropical flowers stretching through the walls of the room. We didn't want to compete with the fabrics, trims, and wallcoverings, but wanted to complement and even enhance them. It was so fun working on a larger project like this!

What excited you most about this collection?

The variety of the design and the textures are so much fun, and they can be used in so many ways! It is an absolutely beautiful collection and we had so much fun creating floral installations to complement them!




S. Harris, Fabrics, Beatrix, Elegant Universe

S. Harris, Fabrics, Sprigs, Elegant Universe

S. Harris, Fabrics, Sprigs, Elegant Universe



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