First/Person: Sheila Bridges

Cara Gibbs

07 May 2021


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Iconic interior designer Sheila Bridges has been creating stunning spaces for over two decades, cementing herself in the design history books with each striped applique and Gagosian find. One of her most notable contributions to the design industry is her widely acclaimed Harlem Toile de Jouy fabrics and wallcoverings that we proudly represent in our showrooms. By their very nature, Toiles tell stories—their layers of intellectual gest and playful acuity acquiesce to often-unjust historical narratives. Sheila muses, “For me, Harlem Toile is about loving all parts of Black culture, not just the pieces that appeal to you. The larger message here is the power of acknowledgment.”  Here, the prolific designer gives us a few quick soundbites on her thoughts, favorites, and must-haves.



Never without… my 1.50 readers (reading glasses).

Toile is the

Color you couldn’t live without… blue or green.

Fave color combo…blue and lavender.

Design muse… Mother Nature.

Favorite museum…too many to name.

Never without… my phone.

Last trip you were on… Paris.

Last book you read… Andre Leon Tally’s memoir, The Chiffon Trenches.

Design is…a process.

Art will always…be on my walls and in my homes.

Harlem represents…Black culture.

I’m a firm believer in… authenticity.

I’m deeply grateful for… my experiences and career as a designer.

The world needs more…love, kindness and empathy.









Harlem Toile Multi Rendering_web






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Cara Gibbs

Cara is a freelance design and lifestyle writer, editor, and stylist residing in Manhattan. Formerly the principal style editor at Luxe Interiors + Design, she now is a regular contributor to Architectural Digest, House Beautiful, Wallpaper, and The Wall Street Journal, among other publications. She is also the co-founder of the artisan marketplace, In The Pursuit, a platform that marries content with commerce through a lifestyle lens.

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