It's All Material: Flower Power

Aviva Gat

18 April 2024

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In Body Image Efflorescence Traci Connell Interiors

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Floral prints are a classic in design for a reason. With a mere suggestion of a bloom or a petal, florals infuse spaces with natural elegance and beauty. While florals are often written off as traditional, vintage, or even antique, we at S. Harris still see them as a mainstay and a point of innovation in contemporary design.


Fabric Square Efflorescence


Fabric Square Walker Fields Cosmos


Fabric Square Walker Amber Rose Glaze




We love the sense of imagination and possibility that comes from abstract florals in a space. When forms are a suggestion rather than a stipulation, we get to experience their essence. They are striking statements, wherever they are. 

In Body Image Ammal Flora


Fabric Square Ammal Flora Janaki Blue


Fabric Square Silk Flora


Fabric Square Borneo


Just as negative space can speak just as boldly as the positive elements of a design, the background of a floral pattern can play just as significant a role as the pattern itself. Too, backgrounds can be solid, or they can be patterns, too. 

In Body Image Ted Baker Triumph


Fabric Square Triumph-WP


Fabric Square Grove Gardenia


Fabric Square Okame Mint


Florals are a testament to enduring beauty. Bold, abstract, and imaginative, modern florals continue to captivate and inspire while honoring tradition and heritage. Drapes, pillows, bedding, and even sofas paired with floral designs create depth, whimsy, and timeless charm. 

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