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S. Harris

07 September 2023

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Sol Harris, a wanderer from Poland, found his way to California at the turn of the 19th century, seeking a place to set down roots. In 1906, he opened the doors of his boutique fabric house, adorning the city of San Francisco with extravagant embroideries and artful jacquards that waved like banners over the bustling streets.


The S. Harris portfolio stood as a contradiction to the burgeoning west coast, and to a city still marked by the tremors of the largest earthquake in its history, as a leading design house of its time. It shimmered with a distinctive sensibility, stirred inspiration through its innovation, and captivated a discerning elite. Each meticulously woven thread echoed the possibility of the era, a testament to the journey that led Sol to that very moment.



Props courtesy Chez Vous Antiques


Fast forward to today. Our Identity collection is a showcase of how every fabric, trim, and wallcovering bearing the S. Harris name remains rooted in its founder’s talent for transforming tradition into something extraordinary. Having endured the tests of time, for more than a century S. Harris has emerged as a symbol of both resilience and refinement, cherished by a growing list of devoted clientele.


The Identity collection is a celebration of the connection that drives us to seek out our roots, and then build our lives and our work around the foundation of that awareness. Each design is part of the first draft of our next chapter, bound together with threads from the past.


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“At S. Harris, story matters,” said Jodi Finer, S. Harris Creative Director and Chief Brand Officer. “We believe connection is important in design, bringing forward the past, which is what creates our present, and builds the future.


“In our collections, the story is all about what we’re experiencing in the moment, and how we’ve brought forward our own collective experiences and our past to tell a story for future generations.”


S Harris Blog_lespirit


One of the stars of Identity is L’Esprit, a linen-cotton woven in three colorways, ranging from the monochromatic Blanche to the deep and tonal Nouveau Blue. The design, as well as the name, was inspired by the magazine by designer and modern-architecture pioneer Le Corbusier.


“It’s a beautiful take on an architectural, geometric pattern that’s deconstructed and brings in a fresh, modern color palette,” Finer said.


We couldn’t help but pair L’Esprit with Shen Herringbone—upholstery-weight with a boucle twist and, with a hint of sparkle, a moment of fashion—and Ciaga, an uber-textural trim of linen and cotton embroidered with chains of velvet leaves.


Banyan in Grove exemplifies the core of the Identity collection. A large-scale woven fabric, the Banyan design borrows from traditions in weaving and patchwork. It also draws inspiration from the hues of ancient plant dyes—madder root, indigo, and black walnut. The result is a fresh, modern composition with an old soul.



Props courtesy Chez Vous Antiques


S Harris Blog_Atelier Boucle swatchS Harris Blog_Maizy swatchS Harris Blog_Banyan swatch


S. Harris is known for its artistic prints, and Frenetic Zen—available as both a paper-strings, 100-percent linen wallcovering as well as a 100-percent cotton pile velvet —is the latest iteration of the tradition.


HAR_S_23_07_0650 3


“We love abstract and unexpected and something that evokes emotion,” Finer said. “When we saw this piece of art, we felt like it reflected some of the art of the 60-70s era. It felt retro, it’s multi-colored, and it’s contemporary. We loved the idea of applying it to two different substrates.”


Splashy Frenetic Zen both enlivens and grounds Avec Bamboo, a woven cotton, linen, and bamboo from Identity, as well as Yonder View, a definitive S. Harris trim that is at once both organic and modern—and now available in a slew of new colors.


S Harris Blog_Frenetic Zen-WP swatchS Harris Blog_Yonder View swatchS Harris Blog_Avec Bambou swatch




What pieces from Identity have you feeling inspired? We’d love to hear from you—tag us on social to join the conversation. #sharris

S. Harris

From Warsaw to San Francisco to Los Angeles and, now, Tulsa— The S. Harris journey is one of rich tradition and heritage met with creative resilience and progress. The story of this brand begins with one man: Founder, Sol Harris, and continues today through the ingenuity of one woman: Creative Director, Jodi Finer. Follow our journey through Textured and on our website at

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