It's All Material: Design En Rogue

Jodi Finer

18 March 2022


At S. Harris, we're intentional about our collections. Our Elements Collection is where we get back to basics—highly textured velvets, mohairs, bouclés; the supporting cast to your favorite statement pieces. Our recent Elegant Universe Collection seeks to enlighten; exploring our connected oneness using textiles as the vehicle. Most recently,  I’ve revisited the outliers, the misfits, the vanguards, the fabrics I love that don’t fit neatly within the constraints of a typical collection. They are sort-of “one of these things is not like the other” fabrics. Yet, they are just as storied and deserving of an audience. And so, Design En Rogue was born. To give voice to deeply personal narratives and distinct perspectives that didn’t follow the rules of design. My desire is to show how a fabric house could expand beyond expectations and collaborate with unexpected partners, yielding extraordinary results. In other words, I decided it was time for us to go rogue. Here’s a bit about what you can expect as we get ready to introduce you to Design En Rogue. Jodi Finer, S. Harris, Creative Direction, Textured Blog, Fabrics



Design En Rogue is a series of capsule collections that defy the norm, brought to life by arbiters of the cultural zeitgeist in collaboration with myself and our creative team. We saw an industry opportunity to fill a void and elevate the S. Harris brand not only within but also outside of the design world. Design should be bold and irreverent. And while there are many facets of our lifestyles that are highly designed, they’re not necessarily perspectives that are typically seen through textiles. Design En Rogue gives us a platform to collaborate with talented tastemakers and inspiring creatives across all disciplines.


Photo: Mlouye



Photo: Joanna McClure


We gave thoughtful consideration to what we wanted our debut Design En Rogue collaboration to communicate. What form of expression did we want to explore first? We’ve been following the work of photographer Joanna McClure for quite some time. Her modern take on ad campaigns for Gucci, Chloe, and Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez, along with her editorial point of view seen in places like T Magazine and WSJ continues to captivate us. The way she approaches color and composition—playing with shadow and light—will move you. I can’t wait for you to see what she’s dreamed up for Design En Rogue.



Photo: Tate


When naming some of the patterns within this collection, it felt important to me that they convey a sense of boldness and coloring outside the lines. So it felt only natural to pay homage to cultural, historical, and modern-day influentials who beat to their own drum. From Henri Matisse’s famous cut-outs that changed how we look at shape and color, to Antoni Gaudí and his unmistakable gothic architecture that has long been synonymous with Barcelona, and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and her singular sense of style that defined fashion statements and made her an icon. We each have this uniqueness inside of us, and we hope that by connecting with these fabrics, you’ll be able to tap into yours.

Go rogue with us on 3/24
when we launch our newest collection of fabrics.






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Jodi Finer

As the Chief Brand Officer of Fabricut’s boutique textile brand S. Harris, Jodi Finer approaches her creative position with a deep connection to her grandfather’s legacy, her relationship with her father, who has always been her north star, and a level of mindfulness to thoughtful living. Jodi and her team have turned S. Harris into a socially conscious brand, working with several nonprofit partners locally and globally to not only reshape the conversation around how design impacts wellbeing but also to create design accessibility. S. Harris provides her the opportunity to reinvent community, build a fresh creative culture and create meaning for the storied fabric house.

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