It's All Material: Elegant Universe

Jodi Finer

13 September 2021


How do collection stories come to life? It’s a question I’m often asked about my creative process regarding how an S. Harris product line takes shape. It’s also a question I love reflecting upon surrounding a new collection launch because it gives me an opportunity to revisit the intricacies of each storyline from conception to reality. On the heels of our recently debuted Elegant Universe Collection, I’ve been exploring and sharing more deeply the important notion of collective oneness through this unique compendium of textiles. It’s a thread woven throughout the line—the idea of connectedness to ourselves, others, and our planet. Below is a peek into my process! Jodi Finer, S. Harris, Creative Direction, Textured Blog, Fabrics




Elegant Universe is inspired by fashion, never conforming, and being deeply entrenched in cultivating an authentic design process. The goal: allowing others to experience the vision and connect to it in some form because it aligns with their values and connects them to their higher purpose.


Photo: New York Times Fashion



From there, moodboards begin to form—pulled from objects, travel, architecture, fashion, beauty, and fragrance. The story really gained traction through florals and the idea of living with modern, yet elegant designs with a nod to history. It started from an itch to do something unique and possibly outrageous. For a brand that rarely housed florals let alone traditional florals—how would the market respond?


Photo: HypebeastImagery #10


Imagery #8-1


I love the romantic and ethereal elements this collection brings to our brand. I am excited about the chance to step more concretely into our brand values, vision, and mission, while sharing opportunities to expand our design community. I love the idea of different teams collaborating, while bringing a unique value proposition through S. Harris to share with the world.



Photo: National Geographic 


I think it provides a great opportunity to help define the “new consciousness” and explore the meaning of “oneness”. To me, “oneness” is about the idea that we are multifaceted universal beings, living through our own very unique experience, yet we are intrinsically connected to everything around us. We have a profound responsibility to take care of ourselves first, but also each-other and the earth. At the very least, it enables us to pause for a moment, and invite meaningful conversation about the world we will live in and it's rapidly changing nature.












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Jodi Finer

As the Chief Brand Officer of Fabricut’s boutique textile brand S. Harris, Jodi Finer approaches her creative position with a deep connection to her grandfather’s legacy, her relationship with her father, who has always been her north star, and a level of mindfulness to thoughtful living. Jodi and her team have turned S. Harris into a socially conscious brand, working with several nonprofit partners locally and globally to not only reshape the conversation around how design impacts wellbeing but also to create design accessibility. S. Harris provides her the opportunity to reinvent community, build a fresh creative culture and create meaning for the storied fabric house.

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