It's All Material: Gift Guide 2021

Jodi Finer

24 November 2021



It's easy to let the season fly by in a blur of Bing Crosby music, presents hurriedly thrown into Target gift bags, and casseroles made in the dead of night (because when else will you make it?). Wait, did you forget to buy your mother-in-law a gift or did you accidentally hide it with your kids' presents?

'Tis the season that goes by faster than any other. And while we love it, most of us can agree that the holidays are less about the experience and more about just getting everything done in time.

This year, instead of just giving gifts and creating Instagram-worthy charcuterie boards, what if we focused on the experience of the holidays? What if we all took a deep breath in and out, put some music on, and danced? What if we went on long drives with our family, took care of ourselves, and focused on giving the gift of being fully present and open to what this season has to offer instead of being overwhelmed by it all? I hope these items can be the start of that process for you and your loved ones. 

Here's to giving the gift of being fully present and fully yourself this season. .




Shop the Guide:

1. Universal Human: Creating Authentic Power and the New Consciousness
by Gary Zukav to give as a gift to yourself and others. 

2. Recess Sparkling water infused with hemp and adaptogens
to keep you refreshed both physically and mentally.

3. Benshen courses and workshops
to revive your mind and spirit.

4. Somatic Hemp and CBD products
to help you during the merriest (and busiest) of seasons.

5. Chantecaille
 makeup that gives back.

6. Her Name by Charleon
for those long holiday travel days. 






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Jodi Finer

As the Chief Brand Officer of Fabricut’s boutique textile brand S. Harris, Jodi Finer approaches her creative position with a deep connection to her grandfather’s legacy, her relationship with her father, who has always been her north star, and a level of mindfulness to thoughtful living. Jodi and her team have turned S. Harris into a socially conscious brand, working with several nonprofit partners locally and globally to not only reshape the conversation around how design impacts wellbeing but also to create design accessibility. S. Harris provides her the opportunity to reinvent community, build a fresh creative culture and create meaning for the storied fabric house.

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