It's All Material: So Long Summer

Jodi Finer

17 September 2020

Curated by S. Harris Creative Director - Jodi Finer

It’s experiences that make up life’s layered textures. They comprise the nubby moments; the intricate relationship threads; the woven tapestry that displays the landscape of our lives. Here are some of my life’s textures. Enjoy!




It’s been an unusual summer, to say the least—one for the history books—but what has prevailed through it all is our collective, unyielding resilience. Here are a few moments of joy that I collected during a summer of quarantine, and I hope they spark some inspiration for you as well. xoJodi



Spirited ↑

I’m still holding onto the essence of summer one glass of Rosé at a time. I’ve always been an equal opportunist when it comes to the refreshing pink wine, but I recently discovered Summer Water and now I’m a loyalist. The Central Coast Grenache and Syrah blend is super fruity all the way around, featuring tasting notes of grapefruit, watermelon and peach rings (yes, peach rings!) that deliver the perfect summer-y crispness all year long.





Is there anything more decadent than lighting a deliciously chic candle as you settle in for the night? I would argue there aren’t many contenders. I’m a candle connoisseur by nature and lately I’ve been crazy for all-things Otherland. Aside from absolutely impeccable packaging, the brand has the dreamiest scents that are equal parts transportive and soothing. Currently, I’m ordering the Manor House Collection so that I’m fall-ready.





For me, summer is always about blurring the lines between indoor-outdoor living, and the easiest way to do that is through plants. Brooklyn maker Farrah Sit is the uber-cool creative behind, Light & Ladder—my favorite architectural planters. These minimalist beauties are the perfect keepers for your flora and fauna. *Bonus note: now they come in marble too!



Well-Read ↓

Like the rest of the design world, I’ve followed along as Eye Swoon’s Athena Calderone delivered one stunning space after another. Now, I’ve been devouring the tastemaker’s latest book, Live Beautiful, which explores the interior intricacies required to create a well-designed home—This is a library must!


Dreaming of...

Travel is such an intrinsic part of the design process—Having been confined to our homes for so many months, I think we’re all dreaming of adventures past and plotting for the present. I’ve certainly been itching for some close-to-home getaways, and stumbled upon the perfect hideaway for a late-summer-into-fall escape. Troutbeck, a serene Estate Hotel in the Hudson Valley with a 200+ year legacy, is a member of Design Hotels and features contemporary updates and antique furnishings—As though collected over generations. What time is check in?!





It’s been a lifelong journey for me to train myself to meditate and feed my soul with things that nourish me. If you aren’t already, listen in to On Being with Krista Tippett. The thoughtfully curated podcast segments share poetry, meditation rituals, reflections on how we’re processing this moment, and so much more. I’m a big proponent of anything that helps you center and breathe easier. I think we could all use an extra dose of that right about now.




Shavio Velvet, Clay, S. Harris, Fabrics, Swatches, S. Harris FabricYavapai, Blue Pyrite, S. Harris, Fabrics, Swatches, S. Harris Fabric


Culpeo Stripe, Seaport, S. Harris, Fabrics, Swatches, S. Harris FabricSantiago Stripe, Porto, S. Harris, Fabrics, Swatches, S. Harris Fabric


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Jodi Finer

As the Chief Brand Officer of Fabricut’s boutique textile brand S. Harris, Jodi Finer approaches her creative position with a deep connection to her grandfather’s legacy, her relationship with her father, who has always been her north star, and a level of mindfulness to thoughtful living. Jodi and her team have turned S. Harris into a socially conscious brand, working with several nonprofit partners locally and globally to not only reshape the conversation around how design impacts wellbeing but also to create design accessibility. S. Harris provides her the opportunity to reinvent community, build a fresh creative culture and create meaning for the storied fabric house.

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