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S. Harris

28 March 2024

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Peach has become an intrinsic hue in interior design due its versatility and soothing nature. When we heard Pantone selected the color as its 2024 Color of the Year, we weren't surprised—as Pantone Color Institute Executive Director Leatrice Eiseman said, it's a color that is "radiant with warmth and modern elegance."

It's a shade that "resonates with compassion, offers a tactile embrace, and effortlessly bridges the youthful with the timeless," she said. 

Peach Fuzz mood board

Here at S. Harris, we love how the shade offers warmth and vitality while it traverses both contemporary and traditional living spaces by creating a cozy atmosphere that feels inviting and relaxing, yet fresh and inspiring. It’s a chameleon shade that blends nicely with neutrals as well as other pastel colors for a soft and harmonious look.
"More fascinating is its ability to evoke natural elements like the hues in a sunrise or sunset, making it suitable for biophilic design concepts," said Angela Allen, S. Harris product designer. "Biophilic design aims to incorporate elements of nature into indoor spaces, promoting a connection to the outside world."

"So, whether we’re eating the fruit, gazing upon an evening sky, visiting canyon regions, or witness a cockatoo spread its wings, Peach Fuzz meets us wherever we go," Allen said. 

Cascading Check in Coral by S. Harris


Suitcase-WP in Peach by S. Harris


Elio in Sicilia by S. Harris and Benjamin Johnston


Roe Caviar in Coral Reef by S. Harris


Atelier Boucle in Apricot by S. Harris


Andare in Sicilia by S. Harris and Benjamin Johnston


Shen Herringbone by S. Harris


L'esprit by S. Harris


Fragile Peace by S. Harris


Tangerini trim by S. Harris


Stycon trim by S. Harris


Yonder View in Peach Quartz by S. Harris


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Featured Fabrics, Clockwise from top: African Queen Sherbet, Stycon Nectar, Cascading Check Coral, Andare Sicilia, Atelier Boucle Apricot, Zaza Starfish, Roe Caviar Coral Reef, Elio Sicilia. Background Fabric: Suitcase-WP Peach.

Image Credits, Clockwise from top: Abstract Pose 3 Reyna Noriega, LaPointe Fashion Collections via, Interior Room via, Peach Fuzz: color of the year Pantone, Morroco, Marrakech Series Leonie Captures.

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