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20 November 2023



A rug is more than a quick way to tie a room together. A rug defines a space, like a frame around a family photograph. In a space with layered and nuanced elements, the right rug can snap it all into harmony.


We created our new collection of handcrafted, fully customizable rugs, the latest from our LIFE/STYLE offerings, to offer pieces that make a statement as well as bring luxury and cohesion to a space. The rich-but-subtle accents offer depth, warmth, and sumptuousness to any interior. Each S. Harris rug blends craftsmanship with innovation, and because they are fully customizable, they can be sized precisely for your project.


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Our buying process allows designers to shop just the rug or add one of our plush rug pads to add a layer of longevity and luxury. No matter your choice, your rug will be made to order and shipped to your door or job site.


We hope these new rugs bring joy to the process for our customers. As you dig in, whether it’s on a bedroom redesign, the re-envisioning of a living area, or a search for a piece to stand up to a high-traffic thoroughfare, we invite you to turn to these tips and tricks from some of our favorite designers on how they work with rugs in their spaces—to bring texture, to ground with color, to tell a story.



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Rugs are an exciting playground for lovers of color. A rug is a chance to acknowledge a palette and tie in other elements of a space, like the paint color, other textiles, and upholstered pieces in the room.


Christina Sugathapala, senior interior designer at Caroline Rafferty Interiors, said that when she designs, the rug is where she starts. For her, it’s the perfect jumping-off point to inspiration.


“It's the largest piece in a space, it can be one of the most significant investments, and, depending on the color and pattern, it can also be the most impactful element,” she said. “I always like to incorporate color in rugs and typically use the rug to decide the rest of the palette in the space. I consider the finishes of hard surfaces in the room and incorporate one or two of those tones within the color scheme of the rug.”


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We love the sense of home and comfortable sophistication that comes with a collected look. The right rug can ensure that the elements in a space stay in conversation with one another and offer a throughline in a room that has a lot to say.


“Generally, if I select a rug that is heavily patterned and saturated with color, the other fabrics in the room are more solid, and I use sumptuous textures to add a hand,” Sugathapala said. “If the rug I select is more textural or solid, I know I have more leeway to incorporate patterned fabrics or furniture with interesting shapes.”


Rugs can bring color and anchor a space, but they can also show up as soft and sumptuous, a treat for both the eyes and toes.


“I'm a huge proponent of rugs that have high-low textural elements and a combination of cut and loop piles,” Sugathapala said. “It always reads soft, luxurious, and home-y.”


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Rugs can be used to create a layered and inviting look, gently guiding the eye through a space while adding depth and volume. 

Elyse Petrella, principal designer of Elyse Petrella Interiors, loves using neutral area rugs as that base layer. 

“I find that neutral rugs provide the most versatility for the rest of the design,” Petrella said. “I prefer to use flatweaves in high-traffic areas and typically source thicker-pile area rugs in bedrooms to keep it cozy. Wool-sisal blends are my go-to, and I gravitate toward sweater-like patterns and textures to soften a room.”

There’s no need to stop at just one. Stacking rugs not only lends a new level of dimension and texture, but it can also help break up a large area or ground a piece of floated furniture such as a coffee table. 

“Layering rugs gives you a great opportunity to help finish the sentence or story of the room by allowing you to add some color, pattern or even a particular vibe,” says Liz Caan, founder and principal of Liz Caan & Co.


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“Paying attention to pattern, color, scale and thickness is paramount,” she said. “If you have a flat main rug and you are not concerned with tripping, the weight of a thicker rug is a nice contrast to the bottom one and it also stays put. I generally layer a patterned rug over a solid, or vice versa, and a difference of scale is necessary to make it impactful; large and small go well together.”


What are your favorite ways to choose and style rugs in your spaces? We’d love to hear from you—tag us on social to join the conversation. #sharris

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