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S. Harris

19 October 2023

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Through details that tell a story, our latest collection unearths the richness that lies at the heart of life’s ordinary moments—the ones that connect us to our roots, ground us in the present, and guide us as we build the future.

The fabrics, trimmings, and wallcoverings in East West, new at S. Harris for fall, are a celebration of how memory, along with our movements and migrations, unites us. East West reminds us of the role of memory in design. 


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Throughout history we have turned to design to tell our stories. Color and pattern created a record of our shared experiences, our connections, and our inspiration. With East West, we pay tribute to that tradition. 

As we join hands with the past, we look to add our own chapters to the story. We set the stage for what’s next, with the guidance of what’s gone before.


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Our collected moments, our individual stories, and our desire to design a meaningful vision for tomorrow are what we aspire to every day at S. Harris. 

These pieces are inspired by our drive to know and define our roots. With every thread, we revisit—and commemorate—what makes us who we are. 

It’s how we change the world for the better.


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