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Cara Gibbs

24 March 2022


DER_Text2Dare to Be Different.


Textile collections are often time capsules—specific styles and motifs methodically married together to express one theme meant to enlighten and inspire. It's a model we ourselves have embraced time and again. We couldn’t help but wonder, though: What if we conceived collections that didn't fit into seasonal expectations but rather led with creative acuity in order to shift emotion? Enter Design En Rogue. We believe design should live outside of the confines of expectation and never lose its adventurous spirit. So we’ve schemed up a new way of introducing fresh products to our design community—a practice that renders a more direct-to-designer fashion, featuring intentional materials and an element of surprise every time.

Design En Rogue, S. HarrisImage by Fabricut Marketing 

Part textile laboratory and part collaboration engine, Design En Rogue is a new series of ongoing capsule collections connecting multidisciplinary creatives in the cultural zeitgeist to the world of interiors through textile design. Paving a new path forward, Design En Rogue serves as an exchange of ideas through product collaboration and devising innovative ways to reflect materials in the built environment.


Joanna McClure, Design En Rogue, S. Harris, FabricutOriginal Inspiration Room Art Direction by Studio FM, styled by Studio Salaris, photographed by Andrea Garuti for Pedrali.
Image by Fabricut Marketing, Art Direction by Joanna McClure

Our first ever Design En Rogue release features a compendium of couture velvets, sharply defined jacquards and modern-minded embroideries conveyed through fashion-forward color palettes. To balance out these vivid statement makers is a mix of foundational fabrics from our Elements Collection—purposely chosen to ground the bolder prints and pull an interior space together.

Joanna McClure, Design En Rogue, S. Harris, Fabricut  Image by Fabricut Marketing, Art Direction by Joanna McClure

To weave even more artistry into this high-intensity fabric anthology, sought-after still life photographer Joanna McClure has crafted a complementary collection ripe with ombré color fields made to support these rogue textiles. Known for her ability to abstract her subjects and create thought-provoking tension within her photographs, she brings a keen eye and fresh lens to the line.

Joanna McClure, Design En Rogue, S. HarrisPhotography by Joanna McClure

Breaking the conventional mold in nearly every way, Design En Rogue adopts a new approach to collection culture. One that is more frequent and fearless—keeping the industry on its toes with anticipation for what’s next. Until then, discover what is now.














Design En Rogue, S. Harris



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Cara Gibbs

Cara is a freelance design and lifestyle writer, editor, and stylist residing in Manhattan. Formerly the principal style editor at Luxe Interiors + Design, she now is a regular contributor to Architectural Digest, House Beautiful, Wallpaper, and The Wall Street Journal, among other publications. She is also the co-founder of the artisan marketplace, In The Pursuit, a platform that marries content with commerce through a lifestyle lens.

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