New/Now: Q2 Performance Fabrics

Jesse Bratter

12 May 2022




We love when fabrics are also eye candy—a saturated hue, a calming neutral, a bold print or quiet pattern. And we love feel-good fabrics—a nubby boucle, a sink-into-me velvet, a luxurious wool or light-as-air linen. Of course, delighting the eye and hand are priorities for S. Harris as designers turn to our textiles to help bring their interior spaces to life. But as the old adage goes, beauty is only skin deep. Upholstery fabrics are meant to be lived on. Kids are supposed to come in from the beach and plop down on the sofa for movie night. Pets are supposed to have free reign of the house. Coffee is meant to be enjoyed curled up on that corner chair, or a glass of wine during a dinner party. Draperies are meant to be opened and closed morning and night, day after day. And for as much traffic as a home receives, multiply that to the nth degree for restaurants and hotels.

Q2_RenderWeb1CropQ2 Fabrics Shown Above: Ocampo in Argon, House Velour in Sapphire, Mint, and Puff. Image by Fabricut.


That’s why S. Harris offers Q2 Performance Fabrics, a collection of textiles that are not only beautiful and feel-good but also commercial/contract grade and durable enough to stand up to high-traffic wear and tear. Carrying the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 label, these fabrics are free from carcinogens and chemical additives, and they’re anti-microbial, too—because your home should contribute to your health and wellness. They’re stain-resistant by nature, bleach cleanable, highly durable, and have a high lightfastness that makes them perfect for covered outdoor use. Alongside the new Design En Rogue collection, S. Harris has launched a few new Q2 fabrics in subtle prints and solids: Momentum, Fink, Ocampo, Expression, and Foreign Affair. Presenting a mix of velvets, wovens and cozy wool, these Q2 Performance Fabrics mean you can have that at-home pedicure, that midnight snack, that work-from-home paperwork session with your favorite felt-tip pen worry free. So go ahead—get your caffeine fix. Don’t cry over spilled milk. And live in your fabrics with style and without limits.


Q2 Fabrics, Expression Red Pepper, S. Harris, Fabrics, Textured Blog


Q2 Fabrics, Fink Oat, S. Harris, Fabrics, Textured Blog


Q2 Fabrics, Ocampo Krypton Blue, S. Harris, Fabrics, Textured Blog


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Jesse Bratter

Jesse Bratter is an editor, writer and interiors stylist living in South Florida after a quick stint in Manhattan. Formerly an editor for Luxe Interiors + Design, Florida Design and The Miami Herald, Jesse’s contributions include Architectural Digest, Domino, Art Basel Magazine, Hospitality Design, and more. She styles photoshoots for homes and luxury resorts, and co-founded the online lifestyle marketplace In The Pursuit and content destination STORY.

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