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20 July 2023

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Los Angeles-based designer Ryan Saghian loves a classic toile de Jouy. Creator of interiors influenced by design, art, architecture, and his own experiences—which he chronicles in his book, Unapologetically Chic—it’s no wonder that the storied form would speak to him. It was his first source of inspiration for his debut wallpaper pattern: LA Toile, the latest addition to the S. Harris Design En Rogue collection, as a worldwide exclusive. 


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Inspired by the powder room at the Sunset Tower Hotel in Los Angeles—clad with gold wallpaper and abstract brushstrokes that capture the kind of people-watching available only on Sunset Boulevard—Saghian’s LA Toile centers on nostalgic line drawings that pay tribute to the wonders and nostalgia of all things Los Angeles, the entertainment capitol of the world. 

From glamorous Hollywood, the Academy Awards, and Grauman’s Chinese Theatre to Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, Malibu, Venice Beach, the Santa Monica Pier, the Walt Disney Concert Hall, and Griffith Observatory, Saghian’s wallcovering honors them all. 

Saghian is an internationally renowned and award-winning interior designer, listed as one of LA’s Top 25 designers by The Los Angeles Times. He specializes in high-end residential and hospitality projects, and his client list is star-studded. 

We sat down with Saghian to chat about all things La-La Land—how the city has made an impression on him, how his heritage shows up in his work, and how both influences drove him as he created an art-forward wallpaper that honors the past.




Beverly Hills, courtesy Demian Tejeda-Benitez



S. Harris: What does Los Angeles mean to you? 

Ryan Saghian: I’m a Persian Jew. My family left Iran and relocated to LA, so I grew up here. I have a photographic memory and have always been aware of my surroundings. I’m one of the few people who can drive by the Century City mall and remember it in 1999, and at every point as they remodeled it. For me, the best way to describe my home was with visuals.




Griffith Observatory, courtesy Venti Views


SH: How has your relationship with the city evolved?

RS: I used to work for Jaime Rummerfield and Ron Woodson. They’re also LA natives, and they taught me a perspective of LA I wasn’t getting in my bubble in Beverly Hills. When I started viewing the city from a different perspective, I started loving and appreciating what it was about, including the architecture. It has such a young history—a contemporary and short history, especially its midcentury-modern identity. Every single Persian grandma had a midcentury home in Trousdale with terrazzo floors. Later in my life, I thought, “I want to bring that back to life.” In LA Toile I incorporated some architectural monuments like Griffith Observatory, Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, and the Walt Disney Concert Hall. Seeing Griffith Observatory for the first time made me realize how sprawling LA is.




Walt Disney Concert Hall, courtesy Ranjith Alingal


SH: Can you walk us through the inspiration behind the wallcovering?

RS: When you’re in a powder room and there’s an interesting wallpaper, your eye starts to wander. You can really push that extra boundary in a small space like a powder room because it’s the only time guests are really alone, and it’s when they do all their nosy peeking. I wanted to do something scenic or extremely textured and different, not necessarily gaudy or over-the-top—something detailed that you need to pause to look at. I worked with an illustrator who used the traditional, artisanal, hand-drawn method of the classic toile de Jouy. 




Santa Monica Pier by by Matthew LeJune


SH: How did the collaboration with S. Harris come about?

RS: Jodi Finer reached out to me to explore doing something together. I wanted to do more wallpaper and collabs but wondered what I could do that would be very “me.” After talking with Jodi, I stopped feeling like it had to be a full collection and instead decided to focus on one thing that is cool and epic and unique.




Beverly Hills/Rodeo Drive, courtesy Colton Sturgeon



Ryan’s handpicked, must-visit spots


Little Beach House Malibu

Courtesy Little Beach House Malibu 


Little Beach House Malibu 
I have been a part of the Soho House family for almost a decade now and was so excited when they opened the Malibu location a few years ago. It is right next to another favorite, Nobu, and right on the beach. I like to go there to relax, let go, and wind down.


Larchmont Village

Larchmont Village, courtesy The Kostrey Collection via Discover Los Angeles


Larchmont Village
Sometimes when I get tired of the palm tree-lined streets of Beverly Hills or the ultra-modern buildings in West Hollywood I like to escape to this neighboring little village that just makes me feel like I'm in a neighborhood on the east coast. This area was actually nicknamed the original Beverly Hills.


La Scala Chopped Salad

Courtesy La Scala Restaurant


La Scala Restaurant
Ask any LA native where to get the best chopped salad and I'm certain you will get the same answer. I frequent here at least twice a week for lunch. It is a Beverly Hills classic.



Courtesy Madeo Ristorante


Madeo Ristorante
Now, if you’re looking for dinner and also in the mood for Italian, Madeo is your spot. This place is so iconic that the building it was in paid them to come back after they underwent renovations. My favorite dish is the bolognese.



Matsuhisa Sushi

Courtesy Matsuhisa


LA is known for its sushi restaurants. I mean, we are much closer to Asia than the east coast is. My favorite place to frequent for sushi is Matsuhisa, which is actually Nobu's (founder of Nobu restaurants) first establishment. He actually walks around and greets all diners. It isn’t glamorous but the food is insane.



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Have the perfect spot to hang LA Toile? We’d love to hear about it. Tag us in the comments to join the conversation.

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