Still/Life: Elegant Universe

Elly Kaya

30 September 2021


Our latest storied collection, Elegant Universe, is filled with beguiling prints and enchanting motifs brought to life by our exploration into science, femininity and oneness. No collection is ever complete without the addition of more subtle textiles that add dimension and context to their flowery counterparts. Here, explore a compendium of still life images that show the collection's full-bodied range.

EU_Line2TestMoodboards_4EU_SL_Titles2Detailed embroideries, textured jacquards and subtle prints are conveyed across a muted palette of sage greens, beige-y nudes and dusty browns that feel earthy and modern.

EU_Swatches_Soka  EU_Swatches_1  EU_Swatches_2-1



TestMoodboards_2-1EU_SL_Titles3Available in an array of colors, these hyper-soft and oh-so-plush sumptuous grounds are the perfect accomplice for inviting all the feels into a space.

EU_Swatches_5     EU_Swatches_4    EU_Swatches_6



TestMoodboards_6EU_SL_Titles4A study in contrasting hues, from inky blues and olive shades to saturated black and tonal ivories, this still life exhibits the magic found in a textural mix.


EU_Swatches_7      EU_Swatches_9    EU_Swatches_8






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Elly Kaya

Elly Kaya is a freelance art director, designer and content creator located in Brooklyn, NY. Creator of visual communications of all types with a passion for connecting people to the brands they love. Designer of the TEXTURED blog.

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