Still/Life: Explore Fragments Identity II

Elly Kaya

18 March 2021



They beckon to be touched and impart an instant calmness to any interior they inhabit—We invite you to peruse the tactile magic behind our second collaboration with design studio, Fragments Identity.




From the lush Northern California hills to the salty ocean shores of SoCal, the Golden State is famous for its laid-back glamour and effortless sophistication. Bottling that je ne sais quoi of California-cool in a compendium of neutral textiles that place texture above all else is multi-faceted designer Tammy Price in her second coastal study.


From the moment this collection made its debut, it was evident that interior designer, stylist, creative director, and product developer, Tammy Price had a deep understanding and distinct ability for imbuing earthy elegance into her second collaboration with S.Harris.




From desert greens and creamy beiges to deep ocean blues and sunset reds, this collection brings the muted outdoors into our homes. “I’ve always been a very tonal designer, while continually being inspired by the textiles that add warmth, and can tie a room together and set it apart,” notes Tammy. Organic vibes created with depths of layers are the embodiment of this neutral collection.


Every stripe, pattern, texture, and color resided in harmony and embodies the essence of seaside living at its finest.Tammy’s intentionality with each vibrant hue, striking line, textured pillow, billowy drape, or plush cushion brings a textured timelessness to any space. We invite you to breathe in this modern fresh air as a touch of California becomes a part of your space.








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Elly Kaya

Elly Kaya is a freelance art director, designer and content creator located in Brooklyn, NY. Creator of visual communications of all types with a passion for connecting people to the brands they love. Designer of the TEXTURED blog.

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