Still/Life: Performance Textiles

Elly Kaya

15 April 2021


Our vast collection of contract textiles is far from ordinary. This supporting cast of durable fabrics are scene-stealers in their own right, and thanks to their resilient nature, you can find them in hospitality environments all over the world.


Any one else itching for adventure and a sense of discovery? We're ready for anything—our bags are packed and our walking shoes are on! Designed to go a step further than the other storied prints and wallcoverings that comprise our acclaimed Orejen Collection, these contract fabrics have the same edgy essence of the celebrated collection, along with a big side of performance and durability. And, when matched with our new embossed leathers—magic!





Are you dreaming of ocean-meets-horizon views while lounging on oh-so soft (and stain resistant) velvet upholstery? Because we definitely are! Ripe with texture and saturated in a wide range of vibrant hues, our compendium of Textured Velvets and Bizzle Cloths leave little left to want when it comes to contract essentials.





Who's ready to order fancy cocktails and cheese plates in interior spaces that leave you endlessly inspired? In case you were wondering, all of our hands are raised! Sophistication abounds in our collection of creatively appointed patterns and intricately designed prints that portray the artistry of residential textiles with the performance level of contract standards.







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Elly Kaya

Elly Kaya is a freelance art director, designer and content creator located in Brooklyn, NY. Creator of visual communications of all types with a passion for connecting people to the brands they love. Designer of the TEXTURED blog.

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