Still/Life: Power Couple

Elly Kaya

03 February 2022


We love a good color combination, and Red & Pink have long been strutting their stuff together on both the fashion and interiors scene. Iconic designers like Miles Redd turned to the pair when creating his collected living room just as everyday fashion brand J.Crew turns to the two icons to balance out one another. Like all great couples, they are anything but one dimensional—this duo comes in an array of subtle shades and saturated pigments, from rich rubies and apple reds to wispy hues and bold blush tones. Here are some of our favorite reds and pinks from our library—we can't wait to see what they get up to next!PinkRedMoodboard_USE2

Textiles Shown Above

Clockwise top right:  14106W Mantra Hibiscus, Suka Goji, Geo Flora Roses and Cherries, Skyline Cardinal, Dame Jane Rosefinch, Modern Lattice Queen Pink, Chatai Flame, Ravello Magenta, Kroo Blush. Background fabrics: Olanda Poppy, Wool Satin French Pink.


Image credits: fashion shot J.Crew, top interior shot Miles Redd, bottom furniture shot Decor Aid.



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Elly Kaya

Elly Kaya is a freelance art director, designer and content creator located in Brooklyn, NY. Creator of visual communications of all types with a passion for connecting people to the brands they love. Designer of the TEXTURED blog.

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