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Jesse Bratter

04 January 2023


We know that our physical space has an effect on our sense of well-being. Whether you’re looking to the principles of Feng Shui, purging what no longer brings you joy a la Marie Kondo, or organizing with purpose (and rainbows) like the duo behind The Home Edit, your surroundings can affect your mood, productivity, and even your overall health.

There are simple ways to refresh your space—easy steps you can take to set yourself up for calm and creativity without having to do a full redesign of your interiors. The new year is the perfect time.

Start small, shop your home, and add touches of luxury to elevate and engage new perspectives. We’ve gathered some ideas to inspire you to make a fresh start.






Start your New Year room refresh with what you already have in your house.

Consider moving a piece of furniture or an accessory to a new home. Begin by creating a focal point or vignette that brings additional seating into your room or creates cozy spots for conversation and repose. Focus on function and how it feels to be in your space—whether you want to feel relaxed or energized.





Once you’ve done some rearranging, a new piece can tie it all together: our Tyler ottoman with acrylic legs can be upholstered in your favorite neutral or patterned fabric.






One of the easiest ways to refresh your space and give your interior an entirely new feel is by swapping out rugs and pillows.


Rugs_LuxeLuxe Rugs by Fabricut


Maybe your living-room rug moves to the dining room, or the accent pillows on your bed migrate to the sofa. A new silky floor covering can give your feet a soft place to land, or a new chunky woven pillow can add texture to your corner window seat. Try layering rugs, using varying sizes and textures. Start with a wall-to-wall natural jute underneath a smaller soft wool rug. Mixing high- and low-cut piles adds texture and interest.






SH-RefreshYourSpace2Bat Ulzii Sum Wallpaper in Mongolian Yak


Walls keep a New Year refresh quick and easy, too. Start with shaking up what’s hanging. Keep an eye out for art when traveling, or offer a painting from a storied antique shop a new life. A gallery wall can showcase your finds.

The wall itself can be a work of art, if you let it. A patterned wallpaper, like our Bat Ulzii Sum wallpaper in Mongolian Yak, is a classic-yet-current way to go bold.






Eny Lee Parker x MitziEny Lee Parker x Mitzi


Switching out your light fixtures is an easy way to play with sculptural elements and ambiance at the same time.

Try using light sources of varying heights and in varying styles to create interest and set different moods. Have you seen Eny Lee Parker’s collection for Mitzi? From pendants and sconces to floor lamps and table lamps, they’re a swoon-worthy way to refresh your space for the New Year with the ceramicist’s artisan touch.






SH-RefreshYourSpace3Rainbow Sunburst Crystal Wallhanging by Ariana Ost


Once you’ve shaken up some of our favorite spaces, the icing on the cake can be an energy refresh.

Burning sage or Palo Santo wood, along with a mindful moment in your favorite lounge chair, can help clear out negativity. A Sound Crystal Kit (with a hand-wrapped crystal and BioSonics tuning fork) and Rainbow Sunburst Crystal Wall Hanging (with genuine, ethically sourced healing crystals like pyrite, clear quartz and rose quartz) by Ariana Ost brings healing vibes to any room.

Ceramicist Michelle Quan’s Rock Vessel: Crescent Marigold Constellation brings celestial magic, while the Haas Meditator Incense Burner by the Haas Brothers for L’Objet serves as a gentle reminder to slow down and breathe.

The Eye of Ra Reversible Throw from Pulp Design Studios’s Kismet Lounge Collection was made to keep you cozy and warm while you rest.




What are your favorite ways to bring clarity to your space (and your mind) when it’s time to ring in the New Year? We’d love to hear from you—tag us on social to join the conversation. #sharris





Jesse Bratter

Jesse Bratter is an editor, writer and interiors stylist living in South Florida after a quick stint in Manhattan. Formerly an editor for Luxe Interiors + Design, Florida Design and The Miami Herald, Jesse’s contributions include Architectural Digest, Domino, Art Basel Magazine, Hospitality Design, and more. She styles photoshoots for homes and luxury resorts, and co-founded the online lifestyle marketplace In The Pursuit and content destination STORY.

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