Still / Life: S. Harris x Classic Six

Jesse Bratter

01 December 2022


Capsule Clothing Brand Classic Six Transforms Diane Keaton’s Fabrics Into Bespoke Blazers

Bridging together fashion and interiors, S. Harris collaborated with New York-based brand Classic Six to reimagine fabrics from our newest textile debut, Elements by Diane Keaton. The outcome: bespoke custom blazers for the collection’s photoshoot.




The creative brainchild of Diana LoMonaco, Classic Six is a capsule collection of a few key pieces with endless versatility, allowing you to build an extensive wardrobe using much intention and little waste. LoMonaco’s mindful philosophy to create thoughtful selections that stand the test of time spoke to the ethos of S. Harris Chief Brand Officer Jodi Finer, and the synergy felt undeniable. In the same way a wardrobe is built over many years and is ever-evolving, Finer believes that interiors should be curated and collected over time—in the end, revealing a narrative of the owner.




“Diane Keaton is and has been for as long as I can remember an inspiration to me. Aside from having seen ‘Annie Hall’ and ‘Something's Gotta Give’ 100 times, maybe more, from a style perspective, she epitomizes how we often define our brand: ‘classic not basic,’” says LoMonaco. “She never wavers in her signature look, which many times includes a great button-down, structured jackets, and statement accessories. When S. Harris first came to us with the idea of creating our Katharine blazer in upholstery fabric that Diane herself designed, it seemed like a dream come true. We've loved seeing our Classic Six blazer take shape in such an unexpected way and truly shine along with all of their beautiful textiles.”








Jesse Bratter

Jesse Bratter is an editor, writer and interiors stylist living in South Florida after a quick stint in Manhattan. Formerly an editor for Luxe Interiors + Design, Florida Design and The Miami Herald, Jesse’s contributions include Architectural Digest, Domino, Art Basel Magazine, Hospitality Design, and more. She styles photoshoots for homes and luxury resorts, and co-founded the online lifestyle marketplace In The Pursuit and content destination STORY.

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