Still/Life: 2020 Collection, Sea of Wonder

Elly Kaya

31 July 2020



Discover curated still-life’s by designers that inspire us and mood boards by our in-house team highlighting our latest textile obsessions.


S. Harris 2020 collection moodboard, blue moodboard, interior design

From high octane to subdued, deep to pastoral, graphic to hand drawn,
the range of blues and greens in this colorway conjure the simultaneous electricity and serenity of Mother Nature. A celebration of sapphire, tourmaline, pesto, olive, teal, cobalt and iced blues, the collection is a virtual ocean
whose depths know no bounds.





Elly Kaya

Elly Kaya is a freelance art director, designer and content creator located in Brooklyn, NY. Creator of visual communications of all types with a passion for connecting people to the brands they love. Designer of the TEXTURED blog.

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