Still Life: Ted Baker

Marcella Dittamore

18 August 2022



In light of our love for all things couture, we’ve paired a few of our favorite Ted Baker fashion pieces with our new wallcovering collection to make a true statement. As avid explorers, Ted Baker's team draws inspiration from the world around them. From their love of pattern in the Tuldi Shorts Set, to the use of bold hues in the Hamel Summer Tote, they infused their love for vibrant designs into this stunning wallcovering collection.


Blurring the lines between fashion and interiors, Ted Baker chose to challenge ordinary designs with a British blueprint. These wallcoverings transport you from a tropical island to a thundering rainforest within minutes. So as you journey through the Ted Baker wallcovering collection, grab your beach towel and favorite pair of sunnies, and let each pattern take you on a new adventure.


StillLife-TedBaker-01Faraway-WP Aqua, Ted Baker Pattie Blue Sunglasses

Need a weekend escape? Bike across the Hawaiian islands with Faraway. Grab your favorite shades because this print is sunny! 





Lost Gardens-WP White, Ted Baker Basket Weave Coral Bag

Voyage across the Meridian with our playful, Lost Gardens. Don’t forget your basket weave bag in case you find souvenirs along the way. That’s what vacation’s all about, right?





Carmel-WP Silver, Ted Baker Pink Men's Swimshorts

Lounge in leisure by leafy Carmel on your way to your next stop. Listen to the palms sway in the summer breeze, or grab your swim trunks and go for a dip in the pool! Never underestimate the power of work/play balance.





Triumph-WP Aubergine, Ted Baker Teapot Bag

Soak in the sunrise with Triumph. Start your day early with morning tea and the serene atmosphere. A peaceful garden full of greens attracts butterfly magic on a hot, summer’s day.





















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Marcella Dittamore

Marcella Dittamore established a love for interior design and fashion at a young age. Her childhood home was full of Parisian wallpapers, striped draperies, and mirrors galore. Now part of the mother-daughter design trio Dittamore Girls, she works to challenge interior norms. Marcella pairs simplistic beauty with playful patterns to elevate an atmosphere. Armed with a degree in public relations and advertising, she’s seen all sides of the design business and brings a well-rounded approach to the world of storytelling. Although her last name is changing thanks to a soon-to-be-wedding, she’ll always be a “Dittamore Girl” at heart.

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