It's All Material: Designing Women

S. Harris

27 March 2024


As a woman-led brand, Women’s History Month is more than just another page in a calendar here at S. Harris. We have been proud to partner on collections—both on the product itself and on artistic complements to collections—with some of the most preeminent women in design. Accomplished women in the arts, sciences, and everywhere in between have made an impression on us as creators and on the designs we bring forward. We’re proud to put these women right where they belong: right here, at the forefront of our story. 


Pulp Design Studios 

Modern and sophisticated. Textured and patterned. Our collection with Pulp Design Studios, led by Dotolo and Gentry, continues to embody a sense of durable eclecticism. We’re drawn to this duo’s continuous quest for originality in their work, which we see as a combination of luxury design with a flair for the unexpected. Their sense of adventure is a breath of fresh air in the business of design. 

"The key to a beautiful dream home isn't just the gorgeous furnishings or art that's selected for each room. The best designers will guide you to smart investments that will inspire you to live your best life in your home," Dotolol and Gentry wrote in a recent edition of their magazine, Icon. “Pulp is known for looking at the big picture, for designing your home holistically so it functions perfectly for you, while also creating those wow-worthy spaces.” 



Diane Keaton has graced the silver screen in countless movies that have earned her icon status. And while you can stream this leading lady into your home via your favorite screen, you can also enjoy her creative spirit as a permanent fixture of your interiors with Elements by Diane Keaton, a textile collection for S. Harris

A cast of sartorial solids and runway-ready prints comprises the line of fabrics, brought to life in monochromatic colorways that are signature to Diane and her dapper sense of style. 

"My mother was everything," Keaton told us at the shoot for her collection in LA. “I remember when I was young, my mother was crowned Mrs. Los Angeles. And I remember watching her on TV and thinking, 'Ohh....I want to do that.' So I was very influenced by my mother and what she did in that moment in her life. She was my North star."



Society of Wonderland 

When Stephanie Eventov sits down to create, we get scene-stealing color and pattern, with a graphic style that is both playful and sophisticated and instantly recognizable as Eventov’s brand, Society of Wonderland. 

When she first launched her studio, her goal was to bridge the gap between street art and fine art, to fuse traditional techniques and aesthetics to digital design and technology. Eventov’s collaboration with S. Harris featured her trademark twist of what’s expected in textiles design, emphasizing bold color, mega-motifs, sustainability through recycled yarns, and performance that’s up to the task in commercial, hospitality, and even outdoor projects. 

"I am drawn to curves and the way they interact," Eventov told us. “Since I feel like I am creating a dance, so when I start playing with curves and complete shapes, it feels organic and playful but deliberate. This is how I see the design of these particular eras—fun, imaginative, but highly structured.”


Black Artists + Designers Guild

Malene Barnett likes to say she spends her life seeking authenticity and originality. As founder of Black Artists + Designers Guild, which chose S. Harris as its partner for its debut textile collection called Orejen, she was driven to put people first. 

"We honor our ancestors, culture, and makers," Barnett told us. “It’s the people behind the artistry and cultural traditions who keep us grounded and inspired. It was important for us to take the same approach in creating a product collection paying tribute to all of the sources that inspire our creative practices. We want the design community to follow our lead, re-think how to share origin stories, and be responsible by leading with acknowledgement to the people, cultures and artistry, without taking ownership away from the source.”


Classic Six

Bridging together fashion and interiors, S. Harris collaborated with Classic Six by fashion designer Diana LoMonaco to reimagine fabrics from our newest textile debut, Elements by Diane Keaton. The outcome: bespoke custom blazers for the collection’s photoshoot.

For LoMonaco, it’s about the simple things in life. That’s exactly what her capsule collection, Classic Six, strives to do. The less-is-more credo and style ingenuity at Classic Six solves the problem of a closet full of clothes with nothing to wear. Each iconic silhouette—named after muses like the Marilyn pleated skirt and the Jackie duster coat—can be styled in endless creative ways.

LoMonaco found her style “probably most notably through my mom,” she told us. "Since I was a little girl I have been dreaming up clothes for myself and begging her to make them for me (she is a seamstress among many other talents). I learned about fashion and fabrics, and the importance of quality craftsmanship through her. Even if I was buying something inexpensive, secondhand, or vintage, I was always looking at the stitching or what it was made from. She definitely instilled in me a certain appreciation for details.”



Joanna McClure has mastered the art of the still-life. From her prismatic interpretations of Zara’s perfume bottles to a collection of rings ever-so-delicately placed on top of a strawberry for Repossi, with work for Chopard, Mikimoto, Wempe NYC, and Oscar Heyman in between, her careful compositions turn every photograph she produces into a work of art.

With her talented eye and hands (and we think a little bit of magic), Joanna was able to capture the same je ne sais quoi for the fabrics she curated from our Design En Rogue Collection. Pulling inspiration from Henri Matisse’s playful approach to his famous cut-outs and even Flemish paintings when it came to lighting, she transformed her nine chosen fabrics into colorful, shapely and textural still life scenes.


S. Harris

From Warsaw to San Francisco to Los Angeles and, now, Tulsa— The S. Harris journey is one of rich tradition and heritage met with creative resilience and progress. The story of this brand begins with one man: Founder, Sol Harris, and continues today through the ingenuity of one woman: Creative Director, Jodi Finer. Follow our journey through Textured and on our website at

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