It’s All Material: Jodi's Fall Must-Haves + Tools for Telling Your Story This Season

Jodi Finer

09 November 2023

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As we move toward the season when we spend more time at home with family and friends, what stands out to me is how our work at S. Harris has itself shown us the path forward: toward telling our stories, reflecting the best of us.


Our Identity collection, introduced last summer, celebrated individuality, our roots, and the origins of our brand story. It was a tribute to the intricate patterns, textures, and stories behind everything bearing the S. Harris name.


The East West collection, debuted in October, is the natural progression of this journey. It weaves together the history of S. Harris with my own story as a creative director.

For me, crafting these collections has been a mix of quiet introspection and invigorating creativity. The beauty of design lies in its ability to transcend boundaries, merge influences, and create something truly new and unique. In a divided world, these collections remind us to honor our connectivity while embracing and cherishing our backgrounds.


“The beauty of design lies in its ability to transcend boundaries, merge influences, and create something truly new and unique.”

—Jodi Finer, S. Harris Creative Director

As we weave together new traditions, creating positive ways forward, let us do it creatively, and together.

S. Harris collections are meant to live together and seamlessly intertwine, whether in our showrooms or in clients’ homes. We mean for Identity and East West to be your tools to tell your story, to craft your narrative with the threads and patterns that resonate with you.

Our next collection will start where this conversation leads us next—to color, a cornerstone of the S. Harris brand, and its role in the physical world as well as our inner lives.

In the meantime, I want to share what’s sparking my imagination right now: defining individuality, being balanced and in-flow, giving back, and feeling at peace. Do you identify with that?





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  1. The Fall 2023 collection from Cara Cara embodies the spirit of transition, complete with custom brocades, rich velvets, sequin, and a twisted-pearls print. It’s the perfect capsule for a festive country weekend.
  2. I love what I’m seeing from Thursday Boot Co., where footwear is designed to fill a gap in a market where boots are either clunky or delicate, cheap or overpriced. And fill it, they do.
  3. Good style should feel like common sense. That’s the driving force behind the Commense brand, founded in 2021 and inspired by major cities all over the world.
  4. Stacy Cohen of Stacy Cohen Design has transformed her passion for design into a successful entrepreneurial journey, and we can’t get enough of her exuberance and drive to give back.
  5. Dan Mazzarini has been working on accessible luxury for everyday living.
  6. In 100 Years Is Not Enough, artist Nir Hod’s practice draws upon personal memory and traumatic historical events to elicit subtle tensions between the viewer’s expectations and the material reality of the painting surface. As Hod says, “In the age of social media, the idea and exploration of narcissism is ever more relevant.” Brilliant work.
  7. The Lola Chandelier by Lostine was created knowing the power that beautiful lighting holds in elevating a space. This piece takes tradition to a fresh, modern new level.
  8. Earlier this month the Design Industry for Peace launched its online auction, which gathers an incredible assortment of fine furniture, rugs, art, decorative items, and design consultations to raise money for United Hatzalah, a critical ambulance service that exhausted its supplies after the Hamas attacks on Oct. 7.
  9. I created Design Mind to power the next generation of creativity. My personal and professional journey as a creative led me to design, create, and build a program to help others find their own path of contribution and satisfaction—it’s the program I wish I had when I was just starting out.

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Jodi Finer

As the Chief Brand Officer of Fabricut’s boutique textile brand S. Harris, Jodi Finer approaches her creative position with a deep connection to her grandfather’s legacy, her relationship with her father, who has always been her north star, and a level of mindfulness to thoughtful living. Jodi and her team have turned S. Harris into a socially conscious brand, working with several nonprofit partners locally and globally to not only reshape the conversation around how design impacts wellbeing but also to create design accessibility. S. Harris provides her the opportunity to reinvent community, build a fresh creative culture and create meaning for the storied fabric house.

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